Scuba Diving: Rates for 2019/2020


Dive Prices:

Single Dive: 1890 MZN (no gear included)

5 Dive package: 8550 MZN

10 Dive package: 15750 MZN

Reef tax: Once off per diver of 450 MZN per week

Cylinder hire only: 360 MZN

Hard Gear: 450 MZN per dive

Full Gear: 810 MZN per dive

Full Gear per day: 1150 MZN

Weight Belt: 180 MZN per dive

Wetsuit, Mask or Fin Rental 180 MZN per dive

Shark Pinnacle Dive 2700 MZN per dive (no gear included) Advanced divers only

Refresher : 4725 MZN (Includes refresher dive and reef tax)

Course Prices:

For The Little Ones: 3600 MZN (Gear Included)

Discover Scuba: 6300 MZN (Gear Included)

Open Water Course: 21 150 MZN (Gear Included)


Advanced Dive Course: 21 000 MZN (No Gear Included)

Rescue Course : POA

Dive Master : POA